Jet-Tech Propulsion LLC Introduces the All-New World’s First Ultra-High-Performance Waterjet (Jet-Tech®) for Outboards

Jet-Tech Propulsion LLC (Jet-Tech®) (an Outdoor Network LLC company), through a partnership with Diesel Outboards LLC, today introduced the new ultra-high-performance waterjet designed for an outboard diesel engine and more. We now proudly, in collaboration with OXE Marine AB (OXE), offer the industry’s first ultra-high-performance and high efficiency outboard waterjet. JET-TECH® is a single stage … Read More

OXE Diesel Outboards Work the Atchafalaya River

When David LeBlanc, the regional sales director of Diesel Outboards, offered an invite to experience the performance of twin OXE 200HP outboards firsthand, the executive editor of marine industry magazine WorkBoats grabbed his pad and pen and jumped on board.  In late April, WorkBoats executive editor Ken Hocke joined LeBlanc, Wade Crappell, vice president, TK … Read More

DIESEL OUTBOARDS, LLC Hires David LeBlanc as Regional Sales Director

(TAMPA, FL) February 18, 2021 —Diesel Outboards, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of David LeBlanc as regional sales director, overseeing the distribution of OXE diesel outboards within the Gulf Region, West Coast, and Central territories of the United States. In this role, David will work with boat dealers and builders to strengthen industry … Read More


(TAMPA, FL) February 18, 2021 —Diesel Outboards, LLC, the distributor of OXE diesel outboards for the U.S. West Coast, Gulf Region, and Central U.S. along with central and western Canada, is pleased to announce an agreement with Glendinning Products to supply control systems for OXE Diesel outboards. This agreement will merge cutting edge OXE Diesel … Read More

OXE MARINE AB selects Outdoor Network Manufacturing as manufacturing partner to develop manufacturing footprint in the USA.

Angelhom, Sweden; MAY 26, 2020 Nasdaq (OXE) OXE Marine AB is pleased to announce they have agreed on a manufacturing agreement for OXE Marine world’s first commercial diesel outboards with Outdoor Network Manufacturing (ONM) who will deliver next-gen manufacturing services for OXE. The agreement will develop production of the OXE diesel 125-200 horsepower outboard motors … Read More