(TAMPA, FL) February 18, 2021 —Diesel Outboards, LLC, the distributor of OXE diesel outboards for the U.S. West Coast, Gulf Region, and Central U.S. along with central and western Canada, is pleased to announce an agreement with Glendinning Products to supply control systems for OXE Diesel outboards. This agreement will merge cutting edge OXE Diesel outboard technology with an array of innovative, high performance Glendinning control systems that offer unmatched command of the OXE outboard system.

“We are thrilled to be working with Glendinning! Glendinning has built an industry reputation for providing the most proven and innovative engine control systems for all applications. Their products have long been used in some of the most demanding marine segments, from commercial users to the military. We can now offer all users that same level of joystick operation along with secure, safe, dynamic positioning operations through dynamic station-keeping capability for OXE Diesel outboards. Together we are developing the market with our OXE Diesel outboard motors.”
— Douglas Natoce, President, Diesel Outboards, LLC

“Glendinning Products is pleased to be working with Diesel Outboards in supplying helm station control systems, Genesys™ control heads, ProPilot™ joystick control, and ProPosition™ dynamic positioning for OXE Diesel outboard engines. Diesel Outboards, LLC has a very high standard for product performance and customer service. For almost 50 years, we at Glendinning have designed, manufactured, and supported our products with those same high standards. We are excited to be partnered with such a professional company who approaches business the same way we do. We look forward to our efforts in integrating these advanced and highly successful control systems.”
— John Glendinning, President, Glendinning Products LLC

About Glendinning Products
Glendinning Products began with the sale of their first automatic synchronizer in 1972, and in 1983 established its base of operations in Conway, South Carolina. What started as a business serving the marine industry has now expanded into the recreational vehicle and industrial markets. With robust in-house R&D, design, and manufacturing teams, Glendinning Products is well-versed in taking a product from concept all the way to application. They offer a range of products from mechanical control cables all the way to sophisticated propulsion vessel control systems.

About OXE Marine
OXE Marine is the world’s first high-performance diesel outboard, offering durability, fuel-efficiency and low emissions that place OXE on the cutting edge of outboard technology. Founded in 2012, the company offers a patented outboard transmission, enabling the use of high torque diesel engines on an outboard. The concept eliminates bevel gears and transfer shafts by utilizing innovative belt technology that allows for high torque transfer.

About Diesel Outboards, LLC
Diesel Outboards, LLC, a division of the Outdoor Network, is a primary source for OXE diesel outboards in the United States and Canada. For a full list of coverage areas, visit http://www.dieseloutboards.com.

Diesel Outboards provides high-performance OXE Diesel outboards for commercial, government, and recreational applications through their robust dealership network.

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